Movies of the Wolf

"Here's looking at You Kiddo!!!"

Yes - there are now Video snippets of the wolf running around.
They are all in DIVX format and I hope to get some other formats up there soon.

All are under 3 megs in size to help those on Dialup connections

Marcwolf Walking Marcwolf Walking - Just a little one of me taking a few steps. Lots of people are curious HOW do I walk on my hind legs. Very easily!!!
Marcwolf Fight Marcwolf Fight - HELP!!! The wolf getting attacked with a Balloon Sword.
Playing Football Playing Football - Heys - he's agile on his paws and what wolf does not enjoy a game of football.
Sneaking Food Sneaking Food!!! - He can be a naughty wolf sometimes.. Teasing People..But that part of his charm!!!
High 5 High 5! - High 5 for the Big Wolf
I've got their BEER I've got their BEER! - A very sneaky wolf has got their beer.. Do they know that!!!
Getting Hugs Getting Hugs - Awww... The wolf is a big softy and loves cuddles
Saying Hello Saying Hello - Chatting with the little ones
Admirers Admirers - More hugs and cuddles
Getting more Hugs Getting more Hugs - More hugs and cuddles
Cuddles Cuddles - Snuggle Wolf.. Whats more can one say!!!
In Queue In Queue - Waiting for a Ride
On Ride On Ride - Oh.. a ride... Round and round and round and.. AirBag!!!!

Marcwolf is copyrighted by D.J. Boccabella. 2001