Making the Tail (wag wag)


The Tail.
I wanted a tail that would both swing and bounce naturally as I walked around, not something that just hangs down.
I don't have all of the pictures of its construction but I'll explain the steps that I did.
Basic Start.
Using a length of corrugated insulated tubing used in electrical work I threaded a long piece of heavy rope inside of it.
Then I flared the end over the end of the tube and glued it.
After this I cut long strips of foam and layered it over the tube to give the tail it shape.
Next - The coverings.
Then I covered the outline with calico and stitching. The end result should look like a bulky naked dog's tail.
At this stage I was planning to use a loop through which I'd pass a belt. This changed later as you'll see.
So that the belt and cord would not dig into me I made a padded section of foam covered calico. This proved perfect for 2 reasons. Comfort.. and it also gave an added 'bounce' at the tail base when I walked.
Once the base was done I took some fur fabric and wrapped it around the tail. That gave me enough of a pattern to cut and stitch the fabric. I can remove the furry sections if I really need to - but its a pain. So that the stitch would not be visible it is on the underside of the tail
Close-up of Tail base.
As you can see I have now attached 2 small clips that the pants section can attach to.
As the tail actually passes though a hole in the body I have a flap on top of the tail with some Velcro. This secures the upper tail flap inside the body - so that there is no gaps.
Completed view.