Marc was designed to look real - as opposed to a cartoon or anime character. As such a lot of work and expermentation went into getting him looking right.
The end results are worth it as there is nothing exposed that looks HUMAN!!!,
and people can really relate to the big wolf.. rather than a person in a funny suit.


Marc's eyes are actually sunglass lenses that I had glued into the skull structure.
Additional work was done to stitch the fur on the outside around to hide the edges of the glasses.
Visibility is excellent - Although periphial vision is affected.
Wearing him is akin to using a full motorcycle helmet. As such it gave him a rather blank stare which would not be
Eyes Unlit
I found that Marc's eyes looked very blank and I needed to do something that will gilve them a focal point.
I achieved this by taking 2 miniture green LEDs - grinding back the lens, and then supergluing them to the inside of the lenses.
They are extremely bright and with their own lenses ground back they have a very bright center.
By adding circuitry that included a 555 timer I was able to make them 'BLINK' - basically a 2.5 sec on and a 0.5 sec off cycle. The effect is stunning and gives him a level of believability as if he is actually looking at you!!!
Eyes Lit
Here is an inside view of the LED's where they are attached to the lenses.
To stop the light shining back into my own eyes I blacked out the read of the LED's and used the finest wires I could find to attached them to the circuit pack.
As the LEDs are that close to my own focal points I effectively do not see them.

Just try putting a finger very close to you own eye and it will seem to disappear.
Although I can use the LED's at night - they do give of enought backglow to be distracting..
The green bad at the bottom of the pic is part of the jaw activation strap. and the visible wires are for the muzzle fan.
Eyes - Inside

Jaws, Teeth, and Tounge

Marc jaw is made of a plastic Bear jaw from a taxidermy supplier. It came with a set-up that opened the jaws to show a snarl, and the tounge was VERY curved.
I ground back the rear of the jaws so that the could close properly, and glued them to the top and bottom jaw section.
Here is a picture of the jaw partially open.
Jaw (side)
Here it the jaw propped open showing the palette ridges. When someone peeks inside the mouth this is what they see :)
A lot of people actually want to touch the teeth just to make sure that they are real..
Pallette (Jaw)
When I got the tounge it was in a very stylised curve and useless for what I wanted.
I ended up cutting most of the underside of it away, and then heated the remainer in the oven at about 150 Centigrade for 10 mins.
This made it plyable enough for me to flatten it and mould it onto the lower jaw, and then glue it in place.


For viewers of this section.. I would like to point out that Marcwolf was never constructed for ANY sexual activites and is Strictly PG rated..
These pictures are of experiments that I undertook to compare various levels of realism.
Some that I kept, and others that I discarded. But that IS the nature of experimentation.

As he is a male wolf I experimented with putting a sheath and scrotum on him to see if I could blend in that level of realism without him becomeing too obvious.
As you can see it does make him very realistic - but members of the public who not not be converse with canid anatomy might find him TOO realistic in that area.

This was one idea I discared fairly early on.
Expermental Sheath
Rather than have no signs of masculinity I ended up with placing an internal section of foam in the groin area and then using stiching to contour the fur around and over it. An added advantage is that it offers additional protection to myself when accidentally bumped there. Groin Front
Front view. As you can see it does give the indication that he is male. Groin Side
Internal View showing the padding of the chest, belly, and groin.
This padding is just foam with a calico backing sewn in.
Groin Internal