Construction of Marcwolf


With constructing any costume there must be a start.. a concept or inspiration.
Its not just good enough to say I want to make a wolf.. or another character.
You must see what you want in your mind's eye, and then either draw it or get someone to draw it for you.

Opera 7 screen capture {float: left; margin-right: 0.5em} Once you have your character - in my case the wolf pictured below - think on how he will act and react to people and situations. This will go far in working out his expression and body shape.

For example - like the Verdum Manor wolves - they are made to be scarey - so lots of teeth, claws, and glaring eyes. Other examples are like Marcwolf here who will be a friendly outgoing character, so less teeth and no claws.

Once you have the shape you want - think about how YOU will fit into that shape,
what changes do you need to do. Is what you want technically possible.
Are you too tall, or too large to get into the character's space.
You can do several adapations to get around these problems.. but.. its something to think about.

Also - what do YOU want to do with the character. Just walk around, or be active, run, jump, and climb.
Are their any special requirements or things your character will do - like Puff the dragon who can breath fire.

A classic problem for myself was the legs. I have always seen my wolf as digitigrade - thats means that he walks on his toes like a dog.
I researched leg extensions where my foot was made longer, and ankle bracings. This proves difficult as I would not be stable to be that active.
Finally a friend called Marrok made a suit where the legs were carved from foam to give the impression of being digitigrade - and with that solution I could start.

Subjects:- Click on a cell to view the details
Choosing the Fur Foam Works Body
Making the Legs (Version 1) Making the Legs (Version 2) Tale of the Tail
Feet and Paws Head Patterns and Sewing
Airbrushing Realism Cooling
Getting into the Suit Cleaning the suit Moving around and testing

Todate. Marcwolf has cost me about $2000AUD.
Friends in the Special Effects industry have estimated that he is worth over $10,000AUD.

But then - he is a labour of love. And I did'nt calculate the 4 months of time I put into him.