As you may have guessed - Marc can get pretty dirty
From the inside with my sweating, and from the outside by the environment.

Believe me - nothing can strike fear into the eyes of a costumer than a toddler running at you full pelt armed withy a load of Fairy Floss!!!!

There are two ways I clean Marc. The head only gets the ruff hand washed due to the eletronics
The body can be hand washed in the bath with the following solutions.. Little soap, lots of disinfectant, possible anti-mold and anti fungal
The pants can have the leg foam slipped out of them, same with the tail - the insert can be removed too.
Feet, Paws, and tail can all be had washed too.

I have had a lot of success with using a front loading machine on gentle wash too.

On trips and journeys I keep a small spray bottle of Hibataine and Fbreeze to keep things sweet until I can do a full clean.