Paws (Tops and Bottom Sets)


Hand Paws

The paws.
Very simply - a pair of woolen gloves with a vinyl palm and finger sections.
And then about 3 days of careful sewing to stitch the fur onto them. - but I'm very happy with the general effect.
In time I will add claws onto the fingers for realism.
Palm view.
Nothing special - except I had to trim down the fur between the fingers so that my hand could relax normally.
It still gave me a paw look from the top.. but also gave me a lot of dexterity too.
Looking down at the fingers.
A different view showing how I tapered the fur fabric over the end of the fingers.
Use very small and fine stitches and with lots of tension ties incase one of the threads wear.
As a final sealant to the threads I used something which the US calls 'Liquid Insulation'. Its a liquid rubber solution which I carefully painted over the sticking to increase its durability. Time will tell.
Finished Top view.
And the finished paw with the arm slipped over it. The paw is secured by a small Velcro tap but its not really needed as the arm won't move up much.

Foot Paws

Sadly I have few pictures of the construction of the feet. but I can try and show how they were done
In time I will add claws onto the toes for realism.
Base design - Side view.
The feet started as a pair of 'thongs' which I then split down the centre.
On top of then I then mounted a 4 layered upper made out of calico and stitched together.
I secured this on the sole by gluing a generous over hang. This gave me a basic sandal effect which I could stich onto.
Next I created an outline in close-cell foam (note use pretty dense stuff for this - it needs to support your weight) of a big wolfy like paw. This part is important as it determines exactly what your foot will look like afterwards. o Cut the outline and then glue the upper onto it. This now gives you the basis of your foot.
Add toes and other details also in closed cell foam.
Cover with fur. I glued my fur down initially and then stitched between the toes to give added definition.
Add velcro around the sides and top to secure the legs onto and you have a finished foot.
Completed Foot - Front View.
Here you can see how the toes are formed.
Completed Foot - Back View.
You can see how the sandal system works and the Velcro at the top and base.
Completed Foot - Side View.
You can see the Velcro at the sides and the sole structure.