Making of the Legs.. Version 1


The design and making of the legs and their internal structures was one of the most difficult thing with this costume.
It was they that make the whole realism aspect work. Marrok gave me the idea from his very realistic costume, and due to differences in body shape (he is very tall and lean and I'm short and stocky)
I have had to make a few adjustments.
I'm very pleased with the effect, but would prefer the knee to flex a little more. This would be difficult as I'd need to make a concertina effect with the fur over the knee. And this was not possible (See Version 2). One added advantage I have found is that is I squat - the calves act as a nice brace to lean back on to support me.
Not a pretty sight.. Me in a pair of long underwear.
But they served perfectly for me to put the leg extensions on whilst I worked on them. This will also give you an idea of my own general shape so you can match and model your own legs on. Here you can see the first Calf section being worked on.
This was a solid block of foam that I carved using a hot wire cutter. The inside is shaped to fit my own calf.
Now I'm building the thigh up
This is a large block of foam with the knee part separated.
You can start to see the general look of the digitigrade stance now.
Rear view.
The hanging pieces of calico is what I used behind the foam so that my own skin did not come in contact with it.
Also note the width and tapering of the calf.
Getting there
I've now attached the thigh muscle part. You can also see the start of the feet.
One thing is to walk around ALOT.
Make sure that you can move, and that there is no over-tightness or chaffing.
You can also see how the calf is going to swing to give the illusion of a wolfish stance.
At this stage I had also started to build up the upper body and arms to add to the effect.
And here you can see the back 'hump'.
This was paired down later but I wanted to destroy the human form underneath to add to the realism that this was NOT a man in a furry suit.
Front View
Now that I had the general leg shape done I needed a Pattern.
I pinned pieces of calico to the foam and slowly built up a covering.
Side View.
Here you can see the general outline again
Its important to note here that the fur will cover a lot of imperfections and that it will add about an extra inch of depth to the whole appearance
Rear View.
Does this make my Bum look Big????
But you get the idea of the pattern now
Finished Extension
One I had the pattern I could detach the foam sections from the underwear and mount them for insertion into the furry legs.
This is a side view looking from the inside to the outside of the right leg.
You can see the calico backing that helps absorb any sweat and helps stop chaffing.
You can also see the plastic 'arm' that I needed to help emphaphise the knee and calf swing with walking.
View from the outside looking in.
The black strips are the 'hooked' part of Velcro. They help keep the fur tight onto the foam.
Looking down on top of the thigh
Looking at the Knee.
The section of foam under the knee is used to give a more tapering look to to the leg.
Side view with knee flexed.
The bottom section of the leg is only held by an inner and outer piece of calico that is glued around the knee.
This gives it extra flexibility.
The Finished article.
I used an open crotch style as the top section would cover me nicely..
NOTE - black underwear works very well. Never green or red. One can occasionally get a glimpse of them if I am really bouncing around
It also stop the build up of heat and I can get access quickly for rest stops.
The belt is just nylon webbing and Velcro snap-catches. The belt is built as two semicircles and the back parts clip to the tail behind me, and the front pieces just snap together so I can tighten them in.
I can get out of the full suit in about a minute if necessary, and others can get me out of it quickly too.
One never knows when an emergency might happen and I have heard of some fursuiters literally being stitched into their suits and having to be cut out of them due to heat exhaustion.
Side view.
Rear View
I've added the tail here so you can see how the belt arrangement works