Choosing the Fur


The Fur.
This was the most difficult decision. What fur to use. This was very important at it would affect the realism of the whole suit.
I ended up using 3 types. The first was called Beaver and was very realistic with both under and upper coat.
The second was called Wolf, and had a dark undercoat, creamy upper, with black guard hairs.
The third was a very light colored fur used inside the ears.
Clockwise.. 10 to 12 O'Clock was the lighter fur used inside the ears.
1 to 4 is the body fur called Wolf.
4 to 10 is the chest, belly paws, feet, and face fur called Beaver.
This layout was done do I could look at matching and I'm very pleased with the effect. I will be airbrushing the fur to add details later.
Cutting the fur was done both using a single-sided razor blade from the back of the fabric, or a pair of short bladed scissors which gave me a lot of control. All cutting was done from the back of the fabric to leave the fur intact.
When sewing was done I usually trimmed the fir back about 1cm from the edge so I could machine stitch it.
No overlocking was done but each seam was machined stitch 3 times with a zigzag, and then blanket stitched with button thread by hand.