Cooling, Electric's, and Power


I live in Brisbane Australia. Which has a similar climate to Florida USA.
Summer can be about 38 Cent. and Humid, an Winter about 28 Cent. and Dry.
As I often wear Marc for extended periods catering for heat is a big concern.

I usually wear several items of clothing underneath him.
Black Jockets - for modesty and a place to stuff the belt ends and the car keys. That way I'll always have them :)
A cotton tee-shirt to help sop up the sweat and to keep the costume dryer.
Socks because my feet also sweat a LOT...

Needless to say that after about 4 hours I can literally wring out the shirt. I can loose about 2 liters in that time. Which does bring an interesting question..

Rest stops.

To date - I have never needed to urinate etc whilst in the costume.
I find that my body will extract any available liquid from the bladder and the gut and sweat it out. However there is a catch to the body flaps between my legs should that need arise.
I also carry with me some mineral salt tables to help replace those salts I have lost.
As I can drink through a long straw I can easily replenish my fluids and not get too dehydrated.

Natural Cooling (Evaporative)

Something that I have also found is that when I sweat - it creates a thermal bond between me and the suit, and any breeze through the suit fur acts like an evaporative cooler - and this helps alot!!!
When I was on the ferry one day I managed to get into a breeze. It was about 34 Centigrade in the sun and the breeze was warm
But the cooling effect actually made me shiver.
Choosing a fur fabric that is also porous is a very good idea.

Ice Packs

To assist with keeping cool Marc has been constructed pockets behind the chest to hold Ice bricks

In this photo I have one brick inserted in the left pocket and the other just resting outside.
I usually carry two to three sets with me.
Chest Pockets

Head Fans

There are two fans in Marc's head.
One pictured here which is above the ear and sucks the hot air out of the head piece.

It is a 5cm VGA cooler fan rated at 5v.
Ear Fan
The second fan is behind the muzzle. It is a 2.5cm laptop cooling fan - also rated at 5v. It will keep a gentle breeze on my face at all times.
Psychologically this is great as I never get the closed in feeling and there is always fresh air.
This is shot looking out of muzzle from the inside.
Muzzle Fan 1
Another view of the muzzle fan but looking through the jaw. It is the thin white strip.
From the outside it is invisible and both fans are extremely quiet.

A two way switch located at the side of the headpiece under the fur will turn on either one (the head fan) or both the head and muzzle fans on.

This is easily access though the fur. and to outsiders I am merely scratching at me neck for a second.
Muzzle Fan 2

Batteries for Power

All electric's (including the eyes) are powered by 4 x AA size Nickel Hydride batteries. These are rated at about 1800mah

This gives me about 5 hours continuous running and I always carry a spare set.

Here is a picture of the batteries in-situ in the foam cavity at the back of the mask.

You can also see the quick connect plug and socket.
Batteries 1
Another view of the battery pack partially pulled out of its cavity.

These are just held in there by the tightness of the foam

And I have never had them move whilst I was running around.
Batteries 2