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Hi there and Welcome to my Home.

I'm Marcwolf - a big fluffy friendly fellow who likes to go out and say HI!!  to folks.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the pictures of my antics.
I live near Brisbane in Australia - on some very nice bush land with lots of trees and rocks for me to run around on, but I do like to go out.. I'm a curious fellow and love to make people smile

If you have a Fete or a Charity event that you'd like Marc to appear at - please have a look in the Contacts page.

But I do hope you enjoy my site, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Or Smiles If we meet in person you can give me a hug!.

Take Care.. - and have a nice Day

Love MarcWolf.
(Walk quietly through this world
   Leave nothing but Smiles and Pawprints)

Marcwolf is copyrighted by D.J. Boccabella. 2001